My Lita Can Dance With Modified Jd Movement


with little modification on JD frame Movement Panel, now my lita can dance move like JD movement... ^,^


That's really great! He's such a neat robot collection. Super cool. Super cool!


@Dj Sures , Thankyou ... thats because powered by Ez-Robotic Smile


Woho! That was fun! Thanks for sharing. Live the moves. Very smooth. The music is cool also. Not much on the video effects but that's just me. However it was a nice touch. Winky


@Dave Schulpius , Thankyou... yea not bad for robot who made from pvc water pipes and scraps.


I find you completely inspirational Eric.


thankyou @pacowang Smile


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i like the music to ,how did you made the heart in the chest,very cool.


@nomad Smile thats simple..
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