My 'bot "wilber" (now "ez Wilber")


I think the name suits him. He is a cool robot.



Very cool project! Here's the sample code that I used to make balance bot with the MMA7455.

It was written about 2 years ago for the v3 board so some translation may be required for the V4 boards.




Yeah so, that's probably one of the coolest robots ever! Hats off to you, man. Hats off indeed! I really like the video as well - the important parts are displayed right away.


Thanks for the kind words. I am still working on getting my Bioloid talking to the EZ-B4 via UART.

I downloaded your script. I'll check it out later. Thanks.


Hey OldBotBuilder, cool build!

You should join our Lego/Vex Robot Builders Meetup group here in San Diego (! I'm getting some EZ-Robot parts soon, but for the time being I'm controlling my EV3 bot, Sadey, with a custom iPhone app that's doing face detection/recognition, speech recognition/synthesis, bi-directional video (via FaceTime, but soon-to-be custom to allow controls and video on the same device), reading EV3 sensor values, and controlling EV3 motors.

Feel free to get in touch with me via (I'm a co-organizer of the group)...I'd love to chat w/you about your projects.



It is projects like this that can help a LEGO builder move into something bigger. If you have more detailed info on this..this could be something I can present as a project to our 4H Lego club as someone just bought the ez-robot developer kit...

Thanks a bunch for sharing..


I was wondering if any of you know how to output the EV3 speaker to another device, such as a bluetooth speaker or any kind of speaker to amplify the sound? We have an open house, and need the robot to speak louder...thanks for any advice!
K. Dasho


***EDIT*** not relevant, deleted post...


out-of-box is not possible to connect to a Bluetooth speaker.

Simple solutions:

post #8

Advanced solutions:

1) Open the EV3 add a big speaker and/or amplifier circuit.

2) Use EV3DEV Linux on your brick and then check the post:


Thank you so much PDP! I will explore the microphone options!