Tutorial On Fixing Voice Synthesis Question With Windows 8.1


No worries buddy. I'm glad you got something working, and something your happy with. Now, get down to your travel agent. I here Spain is nice this time of year. Tongue




@ Steve G I'm running windows 8.1 64 bit and have followed every step in this guide but still can't get Ivonas Brian's voice to work. My question is do i need to delete the 4 files in en-GB prior to installing Ivona? Been banging my head on a wall trying to figure it out


Since you are in the US, it is probably the default US voices that are interfering. See this note from post 2 on the thread:


Also note: In North America, it is the en-US directory and the Microsoft David voice that needs to be deleted.




When I went through the process, I already had the 3rd party voices installed before I deleted the MS Hazel directory which worked for me. I guess you could try.

Just to note, I see you're from the U.S. Do you have a en-US directory as well as en-GB? If so, I believe that's what you need to delete. I'm not 100% sure on that so I'd thought I ask, as @thetechguru mentioned about the North America directory, and en-US directory and the Microsoft David voice that needs to be deleted. What MS voice takes over when trying to use Ivona Brian?

Also, have you tried different setting variations in the voice synthesis control in EZ Builder? (Changing Gender, Age ect.)


I just saw that Alan replied while I was writing. That's probably what's causing the issue.


@ thetechguru and Steve G You guys are awesome! I went back and backed up my en-US folder and deleted the files. Fired up EZ Builder and Brian is now working



That's great. Pleased to hear it (as I bet you are). Smile