Shop Re-opening?



*Note: Due to unexpected demand, our webstore is out of stock until March 1st. In the meantime, our retail stores do have stock.

I just wanted to ask as I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket, with EZ Robot's name on it. Any news on the shop being on schedule to re-open today?


@Steve... LOL.... you mean store credit burning a hole in your pocket... At the rate you have been answering questions, you're on fire dude....! Grin And ez bucks rich... Tongue



Lol, I like answering questions if I can as I like to help out, and it helps me learn too. Only got $27 credit, but got a few hundred beer tokens I've been putting away to spend here and I'm itching to spend it Tongue.


Should be online tonight or tomorrow Smile


@Steve.... Beer or ez robot stuff.... tough call.... Grin

@DJ, alright but I am already out on the street looking for a fix and it will be your fault if I get arrested trying to score some EZ Robot stuff from an undercover police women ... Tongue



Brilliant. Thanks DJ. Smile


You know it. But EZ-Robot always seems to win out. Tongue


I am itchin to buy 2 V4's for my next build. I understand where Steve G is coming from Smile



i see in store two pack wheels 10 dollar
also i see rotation servo whit wheel included 20 dollars
so thats 3 dollar for the wheel.

so how come the two pack cost 10 dollars 5 dollar per wheel.



Its $5 a wheel, not $3. A "Continuous rotation servo" (what comes with the wheel) on its own is $15. What I think your looking at is a "Rotational servo" ($17) which is not a continuos 360 servo, but a 180 servo. So the wheel that comes with a servo is actually $5.


steve g

ah ok