Xlr-one Omnidrive Drive Train Option


I know alot of you guys were telling me to go with the Omni wheels and i was being stubborn and going the conventional way. But, a client here in Miami who uses my mother in-laws banquet hall for Zoomba lessons loved the demo i had of the XLR-ONE mimicking her instructor. The routine was cool but I was thinking that he would look much cooler if he were to slide side to side like the instructor instead of forward and back and short twists. So i decided to change the drive to an omni drive. Im using VEX 3.25" Omni Wheels modified hub for the continuous servos. I just ordered the wheels should have them in a week. I will post the Zoomba video with the new wheels once its completed.

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Now were talkin'... Omni wheels pretty much eliminate the "skid" in a turn with differential drive train....


The smaller wheels need to be angled for it to move sideways. When the two wheels (front and back) push against each other those wheels will not force the movement to go sideways.

Use the omniwheeled fork lift video as an example.


If you have ordered the wheels then you can change the layout to use those type but the wheels need to be like this to work properly

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In your set up you have nothing that will give that sideways force. It'll still only move forward and backward. You could push it sideways and skid steer would have less friction but nothing is there to push it sideways by itself.


@Rich... Mecanum wheels are awesome too (what that forklift has)... However, controlling them is a little bit tricky to get all available movement directions out of them... You may have to use a custom Movement Panel for that reason...


How about a three wheel omni drive like the one used on TRIBOT. Has great motion..
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With Anthony's latest layout using the Omni wheels.... You're right he won't be able to gain any lateral movement , but they will pretty much eliminate any friction in a pivot or skid turn....


@Richard, I'm sure in my cloud there's a project for the Mecanum wheels. If not then there is one on my PC Grin It's only 2 extra movements (strafe left and strafe right) which is basically moving the front and rear wheels to push or pull against each other.

With the mobile app control would be pretty easy, or scripting would be just as easy. You wouldn't even need a Movement Panel if you didn't want one.


@Rich... "strafe" that's the term I was looking for... Cool... Smile


Ok heres the Final revised omni drive. Thanks for all who contributed to this thread. Your input is always appreciated.

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