Jd-xl. Converting Xlrobot Parts To Ez-bits


I have been fooling around with ideas for a JD using the Swiv Joints. Heres the first prototype. im going to print the parts and test them to see if it works like it does in the simulations.
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looking very great.

can the upper arms go side ways to?

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Three kind of negative comments;
The proportions look way off.
Make sure the cover for the EZ-B has ventilation holes, it'll get hot in there otherwise. His on/off switch is also there too so easy removal would be a must.
Are the top servos on the arms needed since JD's shoulder servos are within his body.


@Anthony - If you take Rich's third comment and use the internal JD shoulder servo, you could rotate the axis of the external servo to make the shoulder do what Nomad was asking about.


@nomad18.8 Well my friend you gave me a good idea and i applied it to this JD-XL build. I rotated the shoulder by 90 degrees and boom an extra point of movement. Thank to Nomad.

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the idea is from steve1DH

for me is lots off movements importent.

thanks calling me friend.



looks for a great idea for the neck at the robot robi.
it can look up/down and sideways.

love your skills whit that program.


@nomad - looks like Anthony was already one step ahead. He was making it and filming it when I suggested it.

@anthony - you are quick in your designing.


hi steve1DH

they all are so fast here.


@nomad18.08 im tinkering with making JD body bigger( just a bit for better look) and im working an idea for the neck.

@Steve1DH great minds think alike.

@Rich The ventilation will come from the servo wire access ports im making. As for proportion, its way off because i used stock JD body and head. Im in the midst of fixing that.