Inmoov - D.cochran Style


@lorn, would be happy to help and I am sure everyone else on this forum will too. Can you please start a new thread, we try not to hi jack other robot builders thread/posts.
Thanks, merne


Maybe not period correct but your guy might like this



Hey yall!

I just joined the forum and am also an Inmoov Builder. There was some discussion previously about using HDD servos instead of the "traditional" HS805bb. Would like to hear more about this track! How was the transition to HDD servos and which ones are you using?

Thanks in advance! I'll be sharing my inmoov project with you soon Smile

- Olli from Finland


Olli, I converted some of my HS805BB’s over to the HDD servos on my InMoov. I used them on the elbow servos and the shoulder raised/lower ones. Also I converted the neck using Drupp design on thingsiverse, using HDD Servos.

They are great no buzzing at all, and seems to cope OK, when lifting the weight of the arms.