Inmoov - D.cochran Style


@David... Totally get it... Without my passion for stuff like robotics I really get bored. Mostly from not using my brain....
I had completed one of my inMoov's arms. Complete with the new ioTiny inside the forearm driving the 6 servos... Unfortunately all those servos are the old buzzy type so now I have to dismantle the arm in order to upgrade the arm servos to the new HDD ones.... Arrrgh... Smile... Then Jaw and neck side to side servos too (Bob Houston's mod)...


CochranRobotics&richard r

i know the still a big robot fan from when i was very young.
i had the best robots ,but the feeling was gone.and it never came back.
now i get chemo,i have canser hodgkin,maybe i will cure,but its very hard.
lot of pain for a few more years to live.richard force yourself to do robotics.
do something outdoors.


on a side note....
If you are interested in weather at all, download GRLevel3 and watch Oklahoma today from about 4 PM CST until it is over. Conditions are ripe for a heck of a show this evening. This is how I pass my time when I stop printing due to a high likelihood of power outages.

When I went to the EZ-Robot offices last summer, there was a storm that was coming in. I looked for the weather radar there to see how bad it looked like it was going to be. The weather radar was down and nobody was concerned. Here, It would have been all over the news that a weather radar (one of about 5 covering this area) was down. There, it was no big deal that the only weather radar was down. It is a different world in Calgary for sure. It made someone from Oklahoma very uneasy because I check the radar quite often. This was the first time I had ever seen one off-line.

Anyway, baseball and softball size hail is possible along with probable tornadoes. Good times Smile

Kansas will probably get hit hard too.



Sorry to hear about your condition. I hope for the best for you. Medical technology has come a long way and I pray that you will fight it off.



thanks david


@David, I sure understand about your brain and how it works. I'm the same way. I too have always been this way. I've managed to focus my skills to actually finish something, but it took about 45 years. The curse with this 'thing', is getting bored with something and moving on to the next 'thing' before anything was done on the first thing. The family suffers the most from this condition.

Alan was the first anything i finished and now he is on his third revision. With all the cool things EZB and EZ builder could do, it helped inspire and motivate me to figure a way to have Alan incorporate those tasks. So each time DJ adds a function, I want Alan to use them.

Can you tell me how you will connect the EZBs together in your InMoov using USB? Are you using the Latte Panda as the main computer in your robot?

Lastly, have you given up on the show or will you continue to move forward with it? With two weeks off you've probably lost alot of forward momentum.


I am moving forward with the show. Things just got in the way the last couple of weeks. Having a virus that threatened to take down the companies computers floating around didn't help last weekend at all. This week may be a weather event that prevents it but I hope it happens tonight and doesn't carry over into tomorrow much. Things just keep getting in the way,

I plan to try the LattePanda as the main computer in the robot. Will see how it works out. I will connect the USB to the camera port on the EZ-B's and use a other USB port on the LattePanda for a single camera for it. I will RDP into the LattePanda to control it from my laptop if I need to do that, but the goal is to make something that runs without human intervention other than voice and facial recognition. I don't know yet where I will mount the Omron sensor but there are a lot of possibilities. It might go in the chest but IDK yet. I figure that this will be the last thing I put in place. This will require that I add a USB hub but that is no big deal. Having a powered USB hub might not be a bad idea anyway.


Ok so each EZB is connected directly to a USB port on the computer (or hub). That is what i was trying to wrap my mind around.

Glad to hear the show will go on! (weather dependent)


@Will USB is basically serial... so adding a hub is like adding more serial ports to the computer... Each device (in this case EZB4's) attached to it will get it's own comm port for connection in ez builder...


BTW have you tried the IO Tiny with adding one servo at a time to see how much data 115k will support when using it via uart and usb? I' not sure how much of a bottle neck 115k would be and how many servos that would support.