Inmoov - D.cochran Style


I don't know if I have ever mentioned it or not but I am colorblind. It makes matching resistor colors a bit difficult for me so I have to go off of what the little bag that it was in said. I sadly didn't document it and the bag has been trashed.

Btw, this is why I have black and white socks only... Smile


Resistor is carbon film type
Brown - black - orange = 10K
Forth band is tolerance and gold = 5%



hi iam ram charan from india could you tell me something about how to connect ez-b v4 to ssc-32 because for my robot i need to use 34 servos and we can connect 23 servos to ez-b v4 but i can't buy 2 or more ez-b v4 microcontroller please help me


I don't use these but from looking at the manual, I believe this is how I would go about connecting it.

The three pins behind the FTDI chip are Tx, Rx and GND. Commands sent from the SSC­32U  are done using the Tx pin while commands to be received by the SSC­32U are done via the Rx  pin. These pins allow you to easily send commands to the servo controller from another  microcontroller. To do so, connect the Tx pin on the microcontroller to the Rx pin on the  SSC­32U, the Rx pin on the microcontroller to the Tx pin on the SSC­32 and GND to GND

The EZB has 3 or 4 UART connection possibilities. If you are not using the black pins just to the right of the I2c headers, I would use it because it sounds like all of your digital pins will be in use, which is where the other UART pins are.

The only thing that you have to be careful of is that the black header for UART is 3.3V so please read the manual so that you will know if these pins on the scc are compatible.


Hello David,

now coming up more the interessting things of my inmoov.

I make some experiments with the Object Reco and Face Reco.

And then i remember EZ-AI again.

So i understand: The Main Idea of EZ-AI is a Database, where i can save Informations for example for Objects or Variables. This Informations i can load back again to EZ-Builder.

Its like that the roboter can detect my face (object), then can say the saved object Name (Boris) and can check what infos are in the database saved for my name (for example when i have birthday)

IS this right?

For Face Detection for EZ-AI what you use?

EZ-Face or the internal Face-Detection?

I think to invest time to understand your EZ-AI, because it will be cool if a roboter can remember things and the easiest why is a database. The Next step will be if the roboter can update the database himself.
But this for the future.



EZ-AI uses RoboRealm for face recognition.

The basic idea of EZ-AI is that databases can be used to house information that is important to the user. Some examples of these are dates, reminders, relationships to other people, song lists, things that you want to be repeated to users and a few other things based on the users age.

There are some other features that are built into EZ-AI that allow you to get information from other services on the internet. Some of these are cooking instructions, directions to cities on your continent, get emails from a few major vendors (currently broken), get information from START (wikipedia information) and a couple other things.

If you look at you will see what it can do. I would go through the 1.7 install if you want to use this now.

I personally would wait on this though. We are working on rewriting EZ-AI to be a lot better. Some of these features that are being added to the rewrite are

Use of a very good speech recognition engine
A very extensive knowledge base that has its content reviewed by experts in the particular subject to approve or modify the information.
A great text classification engine that also predicts classification based on the context of the words in the sentence
A Natural Language Processor

It will also house the same types of database information that EZ-AI currently has along with the other features that EZ-AI has. There will be a specific number of queries per month that you will be able to submit for free or for around $25 per month you will be able to perform about 33 queries a day. If you need more queries, it will be sold in increments of 1,000 queries for around $25.00. There might be a nominal setup cost if you want to run the server on your own equipment, or we will offer a server for sale that will handle all of this processing (around $200). I would recommend this route simply because of how easy it will be to get up and going and also how easy it will be to get any updates to the product.

I am sure that this will bring up questions, but its pretty simple.
1. There will still a free limited use version that has access to all of the features. It can run on your equipment. There would be a charge to get it setup on your equipment that will be minimal.
2. There will be a paid for version that will cost around $25.00 per 1000 successful queries. The system will not allow you to make that 1001st query unless you have the 2000 queries for around $50 per month option. If results can't be returned, you wont be charged for that query. This path also allows you to run the server on your own equipment or to buy a built and tested server from us for around $200.00. If you choose to setup the server and client on your own equipment, there will be a nominal charge.

The more users that I get, the less the charge becomes so it is hard to get exact numbers on the monthly charge. There will be no contract or anything like that. We will setup paypal billing for the pay customers. Once a payment is made, the feature is turned on. The thought is that the first month would be free for up to 1,000 queries, but you would prepay for the second and following months.

I can't go into it much more than this, but we will be looking for testers around the end of the year or the beginning of the year.



I can't go into it much more than this, but we will be looking for testers around the end of the year or the beginning of the year.

"...ooohh oohhh pick me, pick me!" (waves hand around)


Will, you are on the list.

The list of testers will come from the EZ-Robot community and some Comp Sci students and professors at the University of Texas at Dallas. The EZ-AI community being international is a great test group for some of the language translation features also. I wish I could say that everything is ready right now, but we are 2-3 months off from having a product that I feel comfortable going into the testing phase. The goal is to deliver a finished working product with very few updates going forward. It is also to have a method of updating that is very simple. This requires us to do a lot more work upfront before we release the product.


Sounds great and thanks. I think the pricing is very reasonable and I think you will have a lot of customers! Looking forward to testing with ALAN when available.



i hope i will be also a good tester for you!

To the EZ-AI - meanwhile i will check and try the old EZ-AI until new Stuff is coming out from you. So if the new version is there, i have sóme knowlegde from the first version.

Other Question:

Do you have any news for the Omron Board? Or you are more busy with your new Software Project?

I mean, in the moment its not so necessary for me, because my Inmoov has still missing the left arm. So i have also left some work, but end of the year i will be (thanx to god) slowly finish.