It Is A Sad Day


I have been waiting for today for about 4 months. I have the money in my account to start my InMoov build and a majority of the parts are added to my amazon cart. I just can't bring myself to clicking the proceed to checkout button.

I can't decide between tools that will help me to make EZ-AI easier to program and better for any that decide to use it, Build an InMoov that would be pretty much the robot of my dreams, or buy a couple of 3D printers. The 4th option (which really isnt an option) is to let the money stay in my account. If I only had 3 times this amount of money, the decision would be easy...


I guess that if I got all of it at once, nothing would ever be completed. Then again, is a robot, 3d printers or programming every truly completed?


Option 5, donate it to me, I sure could use it after having to drop the best part of £1,300 on car maintenance this week (and another £650 in a couple of months)!

I know what I would do, build the InMoov.


Yea, I keep telling myself that I got into this to build something like this. I think I will step away for a bit and maybe I will click the button when I get back.


@David... Buy a flashforge Creator pro and build your inMoov... It was the most satisfying robot I have built to date... You won't regret it....

Think of this.... You throw your AI into an inMoov and you'll leap frog over everyone here (no offence to anyone else)... No one has gone that far with an inMoov.... Most people struggle just to get it built and provide it with basic programing... That's because most are not using an EZB... Grin

It's not a sad day, it's a happy day dude.... My brother used to say.... "what are you going to do with your money? Spend it on your funeral?"


build the InMoov !


Thanks to a Mike (Merne), I should have the printed parts for the inmoov here before too long. We have become quite good friends. Also, he has EZ-AI running on his computer. We tested everything out last night. I will have to hold a few features back from him so mine can be better Smile just kidding Mike...

I think I will pull the trigger. I may do it in stages instead of all at once, but I think the InMoov is about to win out. EZ-AI in this thing will be amazing.


I want to use you AI too.... Since I am not as much of a computer nerd as most, I may need a little hand holding... figuratively speaking Grin .... I think that is going to be a bit of a challenge for me.... I'll need a registered copy of RoboRelm, right?

Anyway, I have become quite an expert at extracting pots from servos and a few other things with the inMoov... Bob Houston and Merne are quite knowledgeable too... So if you need help just holler....


Will do. Yes, you do want to use RoboRelm. It makes the world a better placeSmile

If you put TeamViewer 10 on your machine, and have skype, I can get it setup for you online. This is what I did for Merne. I may have some servos sent your way to have you remove the pots from them. I welcome any help I can get just because I also want to help others with EZ-AI.

Think about what would happen if one of this crew showed up with an Inmoov and showed it off to the other owners. I think EZ-B's would fly off the shelves. Wait, I think they are about to do that anyway.


@David... If you were a girl I'd kiss ya' Thanks dude! When I'm ready to tackle this I'll hit you up...

About the servos... absolutely I'll modify them if you want... I can also do a video on how to do it if you like as well... I have a leftover Tower Hobby TS-80 (identical to a Hitec HS-805bb) with a faulty pot that I was going to open up soon anyway... Smile

I hear you... Your inmoov could very well be the poster robot for EZ Robot....