The Ez-robot Retail Display


Our retail display package has been a technical challenge and success! We wanted our 100+ retailers from around the globe to provide an interactive robot experience.

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Fortunately, a local retailer gave us permission to experiment and design the display package. The JD robot has one leg hinged to a raised pexi glass plate, while he performs random and interactive actions with the public. The included android tablet displays the camera image as well. This display has undergone crazy testing - this robot has run nonstop for nearly a week!

For anyone in Calgary area who wishes to see the display, you can find it at PM Hobby Craft's south store.


Looking great!
You guys rock!
Smile Smile Smile Smile



Nice! Presentation is everything. Well done. Winky


I am trying to imagine coming into that store and seeing ez robot stuff for the first time... It's hard to do because I am a self proclaimed ez robot addict... So much in fact I attend regular meetings of EZRA (EZ Robot anonymous) Tongue. The point I am trying to make is, if I went into that hobby shop I wouldn't notice anything else in the store except that display... Half an hour later I would be walking out with an EZ Robot under my arm...... Smile

How can that display not steal the show?


It would be cool if you can converse with JD, and JD will try to convince the spectator to "BUY ME!" hah Grin


@Doombot... Ha, ha... and banging on the glass... "get me outta' here"... Tongue


That is great to hear guys! We love the display as well. It will make a huge impression! Winky


The display is really cool. Great job on it guys and gals.


there chould be a display whit dj in it,hehehehe
i wonder iff it would sell.


That's just too good DJ and gang. With JD doing his thing, and the whole display in general, your sure to make a killing. Nice job. Smile