Idea For Future Ez Robot Contests


I use Vex stuff a lot and it got me thinking. Vex hold robot Challenge's every year... So I had an idea that maybe ez robot might consider something similar for future contests... I thought that ez robot could hold an EZ Challenge type contest... Sort of like the X Prize... Where a challenge will be set for a robot to accomplish, perform or complete a certain task within set rules/guidelines and possibly within a set timeframe as well. Awards like store credits for the winner(s) could be given... The user would submit a video of his/her robot meeting the EZ Challenge by a certain deadline and when the contest is over EZ Robot will judge who best met the challenge...

Of course I haven't thought about any details, rules, limitations on what materials we are allowed to use etc... It was just an idea on a boring cold February afternoon here in Canada...


I'm still waiting for the dance contest! Smile

I think it was way back in November '13 when Jason Z asked me about some ideas they had, one of which was contests/challenges. So it's certainly something that's been discussed by EZ-Robot.

We have seen some challenges too, such as the Halloween one and the Christmas one. However these are more geared towards everyone rather than just those technically savvy members but I wouldn't be surprised if something a bit challenging come up at some point.

We know EZ-Robot love our feedback so if you have any ideas for those challenges post them and EZ-Robot will take note.


@Rich I am surprise too... Possibly your dance contest idea is still alive and that EZ Robot just hasn't implemented it yet... What's great is all 4 Revolution bots could enter the dance contest, not just Six....


Well I have JD dancing now too (better than he was in the Christmas contest video) so the bar is pretty high for a dance contest...

FYI this is old and has been improved, JD is ready to "serve" anyone who "throws down" (is that correct street talk?).


Ha, ha...the bow at the end is priceless Smile


What about mundane tasks like following a line or not bumping into stuff? Tongue

Kidding of course (for the Sarcasm-challenged) but what about real world stuff like picking something up and putting it somewhere? Going up and down staircases? Of course, the harder the obstacle is, the better chance of winning. Of course the EZ Robot staff would be the judge... Grin