Coming Soon, Accelerometer/gyro/temperature Sensor


@Tony, you get me. Yes, it would be used outdoors. I am posting a video showing integration of EZ-AI with Google Maps right now. Walking directions is a simple switch in the URI using the Google Maps API.


Way back in the day I wrote some software for the Basic Atom Pro micro that would navigate a bot from waypoint to waypoint.... It's not too difficult you just have to find a way to parse the NMEA 0183 sentences that some gps output (usually at 4800baud)...


Yea. The good thing is that the solution that I am going to use will pass the information back to me in Lat Long coords. I will store this route in the database. This will allow the robot to mark these points on the route as achieved and move on to the next one.

At a past job, I worked as a Geographic Information Systems Administrator. We used GPS in vehicles to track oil and gas trucks as they went through their route along with all of the well locations in the United States. It was always interesting to see a truck at the dudes favorite fishing hole instead of on the route. We had to parse out the NMEA to do this. It wasn't bad at all and now there are some C# classes that will do this. Dropping these into my project wont be hard at all (famous last words).


With a GPS module and a tethered cell phone for an internet connection, the robot would be able to get the route back to follow very quickly. Here is an example of EZ-AI getting the directions back from Google in under a second using a cell phone connection for its internet connection. This is fast enough for it to check periodically to make sure that it is still on route by making another call to Google Maps at each of its waypoints and checking that against what it has in its route table to make sure that it hasn't done something stupid.

In thinking about this some more, my next build will have an onboard computer, so I could just as easily put a GPS unit in the robot which would be tied to the computer. It would then be able to go into outdoor navigation mode which would then be able to use the GPS tied to the computer to get immediate data from it as needed. The antenna's on these GPS units would be stronger and more accurate. The cost would be higher though. I will make the module in EZ-AI be able to accept parameters thus allowing the EZ-Robot version to pass the coords into EZ-AI from EZ-Builder so that the EZ-Robot GPS can be used also.


I hate to be "one of those guys", but...

Any update on when the new sensor(s) will be in the shop? I have some cash and store credit burning a hole in my wallet since you announced them.



@Alan... me too... little bit of a store credit that I have.... Smile


lol - I don't know the answer to that either, at the moment. I am working (when I have time) to identify how to get a smoother process with launching new products. There's currently a pile waiting to add to the store, but they're all 90% complete.

I'll give you a better update when I know. Sorry to have given you an incorrect expected date last week - same applies for adventure bot


@DJ... Ok, but it's not my fault if all my money earmarked for new ez robot stuff gets mysteriously spent on beer...

No worries, were just greedy consumers... Tongue

Kidding, we do understand that you are doing what you can...

Cheers Smile



Just adding to the pressure.... LOL..... ( My Tax Return just came in ).. Will you be able to meet the demand for the Adventure Bot once you release it to the store? I'm ready to order one once you post them.



PS I'm really enjoying my developer kit. Once Alan and Rich sorted out my communication issue all is well. (Thanks again Guys) A photo of my test bed will becoming soon.


I'm also going to be a purchaser and am looking forward to making an order!