Coming Soon, Accelerometer/gyro/temperature Sensor


wow i cannot wait for this! Grin


You guys will love it! I can't wait to see what you can all do with a few of these in your hands.


whits new bits will come out?


I now have things to add to my shopping list. These will come in handy. Do you plan on releasing a GPS one? I have been heads down coding and have just come up for air so please forgive me if this has already been answered.



I know you've been a very busy boy my friend. I believe there are plans on releasing a GPS sensor on the cards. DJ made a comment about it an another post.


Let's see... a gps module, an accelerometer, a gyro, a compass... maybe a few others.


Good to know. I have plans for this with ez-ai and the Google maps interface I have. I can use Google maps in walking mode with the gps and compass to direct a robot to a certain point using Google maps to set way points.

Also it would be able to be used with the driving directions to go from current location to an address.


in all seriousness, this is nice. Now all we need is that dynamixel update Winky


GPS does not work well indoors - the signals from the satellites are attenuated and scattered by roofs, walls and other objects. If its an outdoor robot then it could be useful, I think this is what David is referring to and linking it Google maps would be very cool.



Ok, this seems exciting. Does anyone have ideas or examples of what could be done with this device installed in a robot other then detecting him falling over? I can see some of the uses with a bot walking or rolling around but what about one that is just static and twists and turns like a robot arm or a waist joint?.


It'll be useful for balancing and weight shifting (two things which are key to large bipeds), balance bots which use a single wheel to move and remain upright may also be possible.