Coming Soon, Accelerometer/gyro/temperature Sensor


@Alan, answer more questions, I've spent surprisingly little with EZ-Robot (I feel a bit guilty about that but it goes away when JD dances...) but then in 4 questions time I will have "earned" over $1,000 Grin

I2C is the best connection method for numerous reasons. Plus since it's EZ-Robot made it'll be natively supported by EZ-Builder so should be super easy to add, install and use.



@Alan, answer more questions

Heh.... I try, but you usually beat me to it Winky

Seriously though, I have earned and spent a good bit of store credit, and have some stocked up since there were hints these devices were coming soon.



@Rich, I am just beginning to seriously understand I2C... So pardon a possible stupid question... Can I assume values from the gyro and accelerometer can be accessed/read via script commands?.... I have an Idea about using the gyro in my inMoov and I will need to use the gyro information in a script or two...


Well the MPU-6050 outputs through I2C, so to keep it a simple sensor.


Here's the documentation for the device:

Your get raw values for the x, y and z-axis so you'd have to do some math to get degrees and angles.


@Richard, they probably can be read through script commands. It depends on the device to be honest. If EZ-Robot make the device I am sure DJ will either make it easy to get values with scripts or have the controls store values in variables.


@Rich.... Well, we know with the demo DJ posted the gyro/accelerometer control must be able to read values in order to use ControlCommand() or the auto positioner..... So you're probably right about being able to read the x,y and z axis values into variables.... I guess we'll have to wait for the next ez builder update to find out... Winky


This is cool. Something else to add to an ever growing shopping list. I'm also quite excited about the new RGB display and compass module that has been mentioned. Grin


I'll publish the new ezbuilder today with the new control for this bit. It simply sets the sensor values to variables.

So if you want to know what position your robot is in, it's simple as an IF condition Smile


Wow , I lost it when I saw him get up using one arm of his back. Good job !