Patches' Plight


I know not robot related unless we can officially make Patches the official ez robot mascot.... Ha, Ha... EZ Patches...
I just wanted to start my own thread and stop hijacking other peoples threads...

Patches is now scheduled for surgery this Friday.... I am going to spring for some really good pain killer drugs for him... That boy is going to be flying... Anyway, thanks so much to you guys for support.... I'll update this thread on Friday or Saturday when he gets home....

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No go for surgery this Friday... He is FIV positive so the vets want to give him more time to get stronger before surgery... Currently they are debating whether to split the surgeries into 2.. One for neutering and a second for the dental...... Friday may possibly be just for neutering... They said one long surgery may stress him out as his immune system in a little compromised by the FIV


I really wish the little guy well, and a speedy recovery. Give him a tickle behind the ear and buy him a can of tuna from me. Smile


Thanks Steve... He's a tough little guy.... He sleeps and eats mostly right now... LOL... You should see him all sprawled out on his heating pad... Already thinks he owns the place...

Will keep you guys posted Smile


You posted the same time I did earlier. Sorry to hear about the delay, but two visits is better than one long op. Thanks for the update.


Best wishes to "Patches". That is great you are trying to help.
We are on a similar crusade with a Great Pyrenees named Shaydee.
She is older, but very loving, especially with our grandkids.
Steve S

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Thanks Steve.... That's a nice looking dog! She looks like she would have a great disposition about her...


He sure looks comfy in your house for a barn cat.

I'm glad you started this thread. Without a direct messaging system in place to contact you directly, I was reluctant to ask for more info.

I _almost_ tried to friend Sue in hopes for info but this is better.


@Zap... (Jerry, right?)... Sue's email is suebenoit(at)yahoo (dot) ca

He's definitely a barn cat... stank like a horse barn when we first got him in the house... We since cleaned him up quite a bit... My guess is at one time he was someone's "cute" kitten that later was left to fend for himself for some reason... He's too friendly to have been completely Feral.. He is not neutered and has serious fleas and mites problems to boot...I know I have been feeding him for 4 years now... When he came to us (which he usually never does in the cold) a few nights ago, he was in seriously rough shape... Fresh wound under left is eye, cheek that looked like raw hamburger not to mention many old scars too. In my mind he was asking for our help... He had lost a lot of weight since we last saw him about a month ago... His teeth are pretty bad... 2 of the 4 k-9 are broken and according to the vet at least half the other teeth are either broken or cracked and need to be removed...

Thanks again for your help by the way, we really appreciate it...


@Steve S.

I just wanted to say that Shaydee is a beutiful looking dog. Really nice photo. Good on you.