New Adventure Bot. Seriously Good Deal For $169


Considering just a camera and an ezb4 is $158.... $11 more and look at all the extra stuff you get! Smile


I hadn't even noticed that was added. I could use all of that (well not the servos or wheels) for a project I'm working on but haven't had the heart to take Six apart yet.

Hmm... store credit burning a hole in my pocket again Smile


seems like a very good deal compared to purchasing the parts separately


That really is a good deal. Adding this to my shopping list as I have a great idea for using this. I saw the guys in the front office playing with something the other day. Now I know what they were. The EZ-games sound interesting. Smile

Adventure Bot


What exactly does it come with? I'm still needing to get my V4 Dev Kit, but I may go with this...All the pictures include different parts...front pic has a distance sensor, another has a batt charger and different bit numbers... *confused*


@Doombot... I assume what is in the pictures... I know it doesn't come with any HD servos which the dev kit has.... But the dev kit doesn't come with any ez bits....


I think this is what's included...

User-inserted image

Maybe someone from EZ HQ could confirm!


I wondered the same thing about the distance sensor, either way it is a great introduction robot for the price, similar hardware to my grandsons robot with a balancing tail bar and continuous servo movement.
It even has a camera!
I am tempted to purchase one for another grandson!
Steve S


@Steve G - You are Correct. The picture above shows the kit contents. More details coming soon Smile


There's a charger but no battery?