Spinmaster Meccanoid Robot


EZ Robot supports dynamixels which are daisy chained... If you can swap them out for regular servos, forget the daisy chain, just use regular servos with extension servo cables....


Ok I have some MG996R servos spare. Do you think these would do?


Ive seen this robot being shown off at the local Brookstone. Its 4 feet tall, the legs and fee are stationary and connected to wheels. Only the arms move but not the hands. It has limited movement all together. Is good for a basic beginner robot.


Ah but you have to look past its current capabilities.
It will make an excelent platform to improve upon.


I'm surprised they were able to pass certification with those servos daisy chain. We looked into that option but the power consumption was too high because it's impractical for a CE certified product. Makes me wonder who there CE was and if it's valid... curious.

Those servo extension cables are not rated for current to power that many motors. Additionally, there is a significant amount of resistance in the plug, which raises the current requirement.


Kleinman98 , I noticed you posted that you've finished the Meccanoid KS.
I've just assembled it but can't find any clear instructions as to how to hook up the electronics. The instructions don't explain much, especially connecting the neck head and shoulders and eye lights. The only video on the Meccano site doesn't include any of this.
I also noticed that the leg wires (red, yellow, purple, red) are ordered differently from left to right in the printed instructions and in the video, when plugging into the power unit.

Can you or someone else please help me? I'm new to all this. *confused*


Humanoid, have you tried their product website or customer support line?


Yes, I have.
There doesn't appear to be a phone number for Australia and the website focuses on the build. I don't want to burn it out in my ignorance.


Haha, sounds like a frustrating product. Maybe someone will chime in, but this is a support forum for the EZ-Robot products. Looks like you bought the wrong robot Grin check that return policy!


Oh how frustrating. I just typed in the full cabling instructions, went to get a photo and lost the lot.