Applied Machine Intelligence Website Update


My AMi website has been updated showing more details of the new EZ:1 and EZ:2 robots and it also now links with the great EZ-Robot company!

Applied Machine Intelligence Ltd website




What are your price points for the EZ:1, EZ:2 and the AIMEC4? Just curious. Grin


that's really cool!


Great website. I linked to it from mine. I really need to spend some time making mine look better. I put it up originally to track information but I think there might be some different plans in the future.


Outstanding Tony... Very professional website... You have been hiding the AIMEC:4 series from us... Brilliant.... Smile


That's a pretty slick website Tony. Great job and well laid out. Very cool. *cool*


Thanks for the update Tony.
It still uses an onboard PC tablet in the mid section?
I think we are getting a little closer to having some opportunity to owning an awesome robot, even if I have to purchase it completed and pay appropriate shipping.
Thank You Toymaker
Steve S


very cool robots.still room for improvements do.

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Doombot, this is where I currently am with selling these robots.

The EZ:1 is a development platform for the EZ:2 (commercial version) so I am not expecting to sell any. It also uses the AIMEC body/head, this was because we had a number of these in the design studio, so it made sense to utilize them from the existing stock.

At first I wanted to try to sell into the hobbyist market, but it soon became clear that this was not practical. I cannot compete with robots like Anthony's XLr-one, just the delivery costs of an EZ:2 robot to the States would cost more than the XLr-one 3D body kit etc!

To be fair, the EZ:2 is a completely different robot to the XLr-one as the EZ:2 comes packed with advanced electronics and sensors and a microprocessor based sub-system that takes all the real-time hard work off the v4. We do not use conventional servos at all, the EZ:2 design uses our precision (worm drive) Smart Servos with high torque and virtually silent operation. Our software will also offer much more than conventional kit robots with an advanced Ai, eye tracking face and object recognition and a NLP (natural language processing) interface that allows the user to speak naturally to the robot (no fixed grammars) and links Dragon DNS 13 speech recognition with EZ-Builder.

The base EZ:2 robot will be retailing in the US$3000 region, which is clearly way too high a cost for the hobbyist, I may be able to sell one or two in this sector but it would not be enough to support a business. From this I then realised that the only place I am likely to get good sales traction is in education supplying advanced robots to Schools and Universities. So thats where we will be starting, if this is successful then I want to try to sell into the Personal Robot market, but that is probably some way off as the Personal Robot market is still fledgling but people like Anthony (with his cool robot designs) may help kickstart (excuse the pun) this exciting new marketplace.



$3000 US is a very reasonable price. I am pricing out what I am looking at for an InMoov build (although it is quite extensive and will have a fast onboard computer and a segway style base and a touch screen) I'm looking at about $3,200 US. This doesn't include a lot of the cool features that you are building in, it is 3d printed, and it doesn't include the AI that has had years of development work, or the DNS engine.

Your price is good to me, even with a shipping cost of say 200-500 usd.

To do what you have done with this robot would cost me an additional $5000 just to get the DNS SDK. By the time it would be what your product for say $3500 would be, I would easily be in $10K. This is just to put the cost you quoted into perspective.

I will end up going the route that I am going as it may profit me in the long run in far more ways than monetarily, such as knowledge and learning to do my own, but if someone were looking for a finished product then your price point is spot on I would say.