Xlrobots R2d2 25" Ez-robot Controlled Robot.freebie


@Anthony, it's been explained time and time again. It may not be for profit but it's still infringing on intellectual property rights and Lucas Arts/Disney are the worst at slapping C&Ds on things.

Could I just copy and give away inset popular music artist here's latest album without getting hit for piracy? Could I upload an entire movie to youtube so others can watch for free? Or better yet, could I offer the STLs for free for an XLR-One? What you have here is copyright infringement and infringement of intellectual property rights and trademarks.

Advertise it all you like but as I said, if Disney find out there is a good chance they will slap a C&D on it. Just search for Disney Cease and Desist Star Wars for many examples of them slapping C&Ds on fans, like this one for a start


@Anthony, has this file been posted yet? If it has, what would it cost for a customer to have you print it?


@Dave Weindel The file is being reworked to print on my new Mingda Glitar 6C printer. This will result in a larger R2D2 due to the 23" x 11" x7" build space. Once its done i will post the STL's on this thread.


Hay Anthony I was wondering what ai system do u use with your xl robots cuz I am wanting my robot to have a custom voice modulation of E-123 Omega from sonic heros and and ez ai doesn't offer any custom voices. Any idea what I need to download for my robot to have the custom ai you are using?


I'm interested about the build quality of the Mingda Glitar 6C printer. Can you post a picture of a test piece at highest detail?