Xlrobots R2d2 25" Ez-robot Controlled Robot.freebie


Ok i finally put some time to get this freebie done so i can share with you guys for all your support. This R2D2 is 25" tall completely 3D printable with the stl's i will be uploading as soon as i get them all tested and bug free. The drive system is my servo drive system with 1 HD servo in each outer foot and a Free Flow wheel in the center foot. The arm joints will have the XLR-Swivel joints so he can stand straight and lean back as he does in the movies. The center leg will retract and descend from the under carriage as in the movies and the head will spin 270 degrees via my Swivel waist setup as seen on the XLR-ONE. more to follow.

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Antony, Is this a kit you are going to sell?


I don't think so. I believe he will be graciously offering the STLs as a free download...

@Anthony, if you are able can you limit the stl sizes so an average sized printer can print out all the parts?


If only I had a 3D printer, very nice gesture though @Anthony. I'm sure a lot of robot enthusiast would take this offer up.


well...whit a robot off anthony and this link,your settled for life.

r2d2 sounds self made by you.

r2d2 soundmaking

try bbbrrrr


It's a free d/l.
I sliced it for the makerbot printer.but it can be cut again for smaller printbed.
what size print bed do you have Rich R?


I wouldn't promote this one too much, if Disney/Lucas Arts see it there's a good chance they will slap a C&D on it


@Rich its not for profit. It will be on thingiverse as well.


Thats awesome!


@Anthony... I have a Flashforge Creator Pro so the bed size is similar to your Makerbot 2...

@Anthony... this is very generous of you... I personally thank you for this...