I have a Raspberry pi b+. I want to run ez robot os on my pi b+. *eyeroll*


Here you go: http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/mono

You will find all software downloads under the software title on this website. Smile


Ok thanx


Can i control my pi robot with ez builder ?


No, EZ-Builder will not run on the Pi due to performance limitations. My recommendation for the Pi is to use it as a media center using http://kodi.tv/


As DJ has pointed out, the Pi has performance limitations. I know a few of us are excited to see if the Pi version of Windows 10 will run EZ-Builder and how well it will run it but in the mean time it's best suited for one of the following (these are what I use mine for);

XBMC/Kodi media centre (OpenElec works best in my tests).
Small web server
Internet based DVR (SABNZBD+, CouchPotato, SickBeard, Headphones etc.) (automated downloading of TV/Movies/MP3) *Piracy is not encouraged, these should only be used within the limits of the current laws*
CCTV DVR (ZoneMinder)
MySQL Server
Lightweight Python/Linux Only apps (i.e. logging of my heating system is done via a Pi)
Internet Radio