This Iq My Personal Robot


@alankoenig If you and your mom are tech savvy (good with computers) then perhaps one of the EZ Robots might work... Roli, Six or JD...


If you are new to robotics.I would definitely recommend one the of the Revolution robots...If you really want to be creative you could build any robot size or size using foam panels cut and glued together...Dont know if your mom would let you use hot glue gun....You built what you want and then control it with EZB 4 controller..Let us know (community) if you require assitance for build. Lots of great people on this site with many skills and talents.


Thanks for the ideas. I think I will start with Six, or Roli.


Great concept robot. I can see you put much time into your project.
I remember the cool large foam robot you made with your grandson.
I like how you fit servos into the Robosapien arms.
Looking forward to videos.
Steve S


Steve s
Thanks for the reply.It took 3 months to cut and glue and trim all body parts.I do not have a 3d printer,but I like creating parts with my own two hands. And thank you for remembering about the foam robot i made. It is nice to be appreciated.


@rb550f That's a good lookin robot ya got there! I was intrigued by your drive motors. I have 4 just like them that I got 34 years ago when I was working on one of my first robots. It was a Unicorn 1 that was being featured in Radio Electronics magazine. I still have all of the magazine articles that covered how to build the entire robot step by step and where to order all the parts.

I have been thinking of using them again in a new robot I am planning.


@rb550f, That is a brilliant looking robot, it looks so neat with all the illumination!



I would love to see more pix from the beginning. You have done a GREAT job on this!


@RGordon, You worked on a Unicorn One? So did I. That was Neat looking but not very functional. Small world.



seems like a million years ago Mel

Grin Grin Grin