The Xlr-one Has His Own Mini-me


I had to do it, i made a 1/4 scale XLR-ONE action figure. This came out awesome! i didnt even prep it, i just shrunk the original parts to 25%. i love the way it came out. thought i would share with all you guys.
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Oh My Gosh! That is freaking awesome! You have another business model, 1/4 scale robot replicas. J5 for example :-)

Was it all printed in white and you painted it black, or it printed in all those colors? Was it all one print or multiple?


@JustinRatliff I just shrunk my original parts down to 25%! I was just wondering how it would look. it took 7 hrs to print and 15 min to assemble. I used a black and red sharpie to add the color. Now that i fell in love with it, im going to make it pose able! Im going to re-engineer the parts to print higher detail and im going to add joints so the arm and waist and head etc will move! Im even going to make the drive train with the moving wheels all 1/4th scale!



you chould print your own factory and call it king off printing.
are you going to make little ones from all your robots?


@nomad18.08 dont know yet, but i love the possibilities.


Printed the red over lays for the back pack.
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he is only 6.5" tall, Had to add the micro "XLR-ONE" with a pin.


mini six/jd/roli would be great to


That's really neat. I love that. I was trying to work out how big, or should I say small he is, but putting next to an EZ-B put it in to perspective Smile.

You could consider offering a few of them for a pledge for your kickstarter (if it would be cost effective of course).


I did put 5 of them up @ $100 pledge. limited to 5 numbered and marked as a kickstarter only item and im signing them.