Dirgebot V1



Thanks bro. Yeah I'm definitely into military robots and I have every intention of turning Doombot into one. In fact so much that Doom is never gonna be fully autonomous, but rather r/c controlled. I'd like the Doombot model to go into the battlefield in place of our soldiers. I'm in the oil industry, and I must say i work with a lot of vets that are good people, they're not all the psychopaths that people seem to peg them as.

Id like to see a fleet of Doombots in place of our human soldiers, cops, firefighters. They might not even have to leave home to fight eh? I'm never gonna be pro war or pro violence but I definitely would want to aid in reducing human casualties.

Doombot has a flamethrower in the works for the other hand. I used a motorized water pistol and took the pump off of that, made a nozzle for it to spray, then I'm gonna put a thermo coupler to ignite it. I'm not sure if I can post pics of that here but it will show up somewhere Grin


Dude....your work is awesome! Can't wait to see videos of both robots.



Thanks dude! I appreciate it. Have you seen my artwork?


Have not seen it but, yes I would like to see it! My daughter is big into art, especially Manga and Anime. I use to draw a lot but do not anymore.

Here are two of her drawings that I have here at work on my wall....





Very nice work!
Here's my site


I do draw and paint and mangle stuff in Photoshop but nowadays I'm mostly a sculptor. I work with extreme metal bands if that's your bag.


I sent you another email bud.


Oh Man! Those are the coolest guitars I have ever seen! I like AZAZEL and Twisted Mass the best. Please tell me that the eyes on Twisted Mass are servo driven so they move around... LOL

I am very inspired by your artistic touch on the robots you have built and will be following your progress with great interest. Would love to know all about how you made the arms and what motors and control techniques you use to animate them. Also some basic "how to's" on working with fiberglass would be welcome.



Did I see somewhere in this thread that you have used Carbon Fiber?

Something I have no experience in but I know it is the way to go for armoring



Yes I have. I have also used Kevlar and Carbon Kevlar hybrids. My expertise is fiberglass though. I'd like to get ahold of ballistic grade Kevlar but only the military has access to that.


Nearly done head sculpt. Only a few minor details left but this is pretty much it.

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