Dirgebot V1


Nice to make your acquaintance Doombot.

That is looking like a seriously cool bot you have there. Looks great so far, and I look forward to the final unveil. Good job. Smile



I responded.

@Steve G

Nice to meet you bro. Here's my other abomination:

Doombot V 1.0


@Doombot I was thinking what kind of Killer bot would come out of a joint venture between us. Ohh scary. he he.


Thanks for the link. Now I know what Richard meant when he said "menacing". That was properly bad ass. Love it. Grin



I was thinking the same thing! I can put your 3d modeling skills to work with my designs my brotha...

I was also thinking, I'm a master mold maker (haha) and I can help you mass produce the XLR-one if you're interested. I'm posting the mold making process for this bot. Shoot me an email if you want.


@Doombot sounds like plan. email me at anthony@xlrobots.com




I love where this is going! You guys are all taking ezrobot to new heights .. it's amazing!



Thanks for responding. I'd like to know who I need to talk to for possibly using the EZB4 and Camera as OEM for this future production robot. Winky


Nice. I'm into weaponization of bots but I like your designs. Mine are rolling weapons. You inspire me to try one after seeing your doom bot (I think that's what you called it). It scares people to roll up in the driveway and see a rolling AR-15 staring at them. But I don't like visitors anyway. The local cops aren't sure about my bot. Anyway I hope you get time to do a video walk around of your bot. I'd like to see more.