Dirgebot V1


@Richard R
Ah dude I know it's gonna be awesome man...but of course I look at stuff objectively...I realize not everyone has the same taste as me... Grin


Prepping the parts for moldmaking...sealing it with resin spray...waiting for it to dry thoroughly. Once again i will document moldmaking these parts into tutorials for everyone. It's easier than you all may think. I'm gonna go from simple 1 piece molds to intricate 4 piece molds, and casting in fiberglass.

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Various arm parts and some of the claw


Dude... one day you should do a quick tutorial on how you do those molds? I would love to learn...


@Richard R
I'm getting there...I wanna be as thorough as I can as I want everyone to learn how to do it... Winky


Really, Really looks GREAT.. I cant wait 'till the next full mockup.. Still no name?

Gynoid needs a big handsome boyfriend..




Hahaha Thanks man so flattering...

I have a few names I'm playing with I'm gonna name it officially when it's standing up with it's claws up in the air.... Winky


Got @Anthony turn my wheel design into a 3D masterpiece...
The honeycomb design acts as a suspension system. 5" X 1.5". I'm making molds out of this print and cast in 90A urethane rubber (that's about as hard as a skateboard wheel). I designed the treads so they can work on almost any surface, including grass.

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Thanks to XLRobots for the speedy and professional response.


i could envision a large Dirgebot powered by a Harley Davidson engine..Rad



Hah I wish Grin


Here is a interesting design I found on Instructables. It reminded of your robot..Great inspiration. Love to see more updates on your great project.
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And here is one of my current projects I am working on .BMAX
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