Ez-b V3 Buy Back Program- Read Before Shipping


Important information regarding shipping of the ez-b v3's.

*Note: If this thread is still here, the buy back program is still active.

ez-b v3 Buy Back Program

Send in your ez-b v3 to recieve $50 in ez-credit!

Ship to:
Customer Service
EZ-Robot Inc.
Unit 10 - 6120 11 Street SE
Calgary, Alberta

Include your:

- Full name
- Username
- Address

** Make sure to value your package at $5 per ez-b v3.**
When sending the ez-b v3 back to us, it will not be resold and now has a depreciated value. This means the value of your item should be listed as substantially lower than the original price.

Include on your shipping (commercial) invoice the following:


This is the only term that encompasses the information needed to properly assess the package.


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Is this promotion still going on? I have the EZB v3. I just ordered the V4.
If I keep my EZ V3 will I no longer be able to use it? Software now incompatible?Frown

Thanx; Rob


Software is still compatible, although there are issues trying to use both versions in the same project, and a few things are wonky (for instance, a fix done for the ping radar on the V4 seems to have caused an issue with the V3).

Eventually the V3 will no longer be supported, but no date for that has been announced.

I don't know if the promotion is still going on, but if not, there are usually people on the board or on eBay willing to buy a V3.



Thanx Alan


I have 3 I can sell.


And remember the company is in the middle of moving, so I would assume that address is no longer valid perhaps?


The address is being forwarded to someone's house - not sure who, thankfully it's not me!


So, does that mean that the buyback is still available? I think that is the primary question. The address is kind of secondary to that Smile



Oh - yeah for sure - buyback is for ever Smile

The more v3's we can get back, the more v4's there are out there. Also, the less v3's out there means one day, those will be as valuable as an Apple 1 Grin

I do wonder who still has a v2.1.... i always wonder that, those are pretty rare. I think there's less than 100 of them, and i soldered and built everyone by hand.


Awesome! thanx!Smile