Ezrobot Garage Sale


Hey everyone! We are having an online “Garage Sale” to sell some excess inventory. Many of these items were used to develop the JD, ROLI, and SIX robots we sell today. All of the items are in good working order…we just have way too many of them here. We want to share them with you at a fraction of their original price before we list them all on Ebay. Some of these items are even brand new and simply need to find a new home. Take a look at the items we have listed below and see if there is anything you would like to purchase. Here is how you can buy things from the ezrobot garage sale:

1. Send james@ez-robot.com an email with a list of the items you wish to purchase and their quantities, plus your complete shipping address and phone number.
2. You will then receive a PayPal invoice for those items listed in your email (must be paid in 36 hours to allow all customers a fair chance to purchase products). The PayPal invoice will include the DHL shipping charges (free shipping will not be included with garage sale items).
3. Once the PayPal invoice has been paid, the items will be shipped via DHL (Canada Post for Canadians) to you and should arrive within 2-3 days.

Notes about purchasing items in the ezrobot Garage Sale: - Items are sold on a first come, first serve basis (the first person to Contact Us about a certain item will be sold that item).
- Items are sold “as is” and cannot be returned (thus the super low prices).
- We will start processing Thursday February 12.

1. $8.00 | HD Lever Servo w/ Orange Cables | In Stock: 26
User-inserted image

2. $6.00 | HD Servo w/ Orange Cables and Parts | In Stock: 246
User-inserted image

3. $3.00 | Micro Servo w/ Parts | In Stock: 3
(Requires 5V regulator to work with ez-bv4)
User-inserted image

5. $4.00 | Serial Bluetooth Module | In Stock: 48
User-inserted image

6. $5.00 | Continuous Rotation Servo w/ Wheel, Parts | In Stock: 18
(Requires 5V regulator to work with ez-bv4)
User-inserted image

7. $4.00 | Standard Servo | In Stock: 54
(Requires 5V regulator to work with ez-bv4)
User-inserted image
User-inserted image

8. $100.00 | Wild Thumper All-Terrain 4WD Robot Chassis w/ 2DOF Arm | Out of Stock
User-inserted image

9. $150.00 | Wild Thumper All-Terrain 6WD Robot Chassis | Out of Stock User-inserted image


I'm guessing this is outside of the website, so my ez-credit won't be usable, right?


@Technopro- yes you are correct! No credit can be used for the Garage Sale purchases.


Yes, that is correct. You cannot pay for these items, or the shipping for these items with ez-credit, as they are not part of our normal inventory. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Hey everybody!

Thanks to all who have made purchases. We still have lots of inventory left. I recommend getting yours hands on some of those HD Lever Servos w/ Orange Cables! At $8.00 each they're a steal!


Hello again!

The garage sale will close in around a week so this is your last chance to get in on this awesome sale!

Only 3 micro servos left!
Only 29 Lever Servos left!

Get them while they're still fresh Smile


This stuff is great and a fraction of the price!..... Thanks for offering it to us....



Just Curious, Did all the items get sold? (lever servos)?

Regards to All,



Hi Andy, we still have servos left. if you are interested in making an order, send james@ez-robot.com an email with your order and we will send you a PayPal invoice Smile



whats the cost off the lever servo.