I Need Something 3d Printed


Ive asked a few people to 3D print these parts for me but the are taking to long to reply. So I'm not sure if they'll print it or not and i need these parts urgently .
These are the parts i need
The EZB v4 camera
The ultrasonic distance sensor
Here are the links

EZB v4 camera

the ultrasonic distance sensor

I only need the 3D printed shell for these 2 parts because they came in the developers kit and I'm afraid that if i put it on my robot these 2 parts will start rusting.Thats why i need the 3D printed shell so that the parts don't get damaged or rusted.
Many thanks Smile


And would it be possible to put another clip on top of the camera because i want to have the camera underneath the sensor not above it


1.User-inserted image camcaseshort3connect.stl this is a shortened version of the cam case with 3 connectors
2.User-inserted image origcamcase2tabs.stl this is the original case with 2 connectors.


Yes thank you this one looks better no if anyone can please print this for me


If the parts start rusting you have bigger problems... Do you plan on submerging the parts in water?


@Mohamed.r there are two type in post #3 the first is a modified one with a shorter back end the second is the original but with a connector on top about printing there are lot of 3d printer on line here are a couple but these are in the UK and they will post overseas


I like the second one better bborastero and rich i meant the circuit board for the camera will rust if i dont get the 3D shell soon.So i really need somone to 3D print these parts for me


Why would the board rust though? Technically it wouldn't be rust since rust is iron oxide and the pcb is copper and solder is tin based.


@Rich is right rust or corrosion isn't really an issue, I live in a humid and salty environment e.g. cars rust fast here. and I don't have a problem, in fact keeping electronics in a confined box unless hermetically sealed is not good either but if you are concerned about it you can use the little silica bead bags that come with some products in the cases there's plenty of room in most of the EZBits.
edit; they are also good in cold climates to combat condensation.


@Mohamed.r Even if it where you live is prone to things corroding (rust as you call it), the camera case would do little to protect it.... It would have to be air tight for it to prevent any kind of corrosion...