Ez-ai Is Ready For Use Is Your Willing To Do A Bit Of Configuration Yourself


This thread contains the more recent information about EZ-AI.
For information about EZ-AI visit http://www.ez-ai.net
And visit the plugin page at https://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/Plugins/view/123


@David... When I have some time I will sit down and really have a good look at this.... Sounds like something I could really use with my inMoov project...

Thanks for your work on this..


Does this work with the Android ez builder app as well?


I second what Richard said. Thank you for sharing this. I have been following your posts regarding EZ-AI and I will have a good look at the project myself in the next day or so as this is something I could use in my next project. I wish I had your skill to do something like this myself. You have done well putting this together. Great work David. Smile


@JStarne, no. My son is working on that though. I dont have a lot of experience with programming Android, but it is something that I will look into.

He is working on a project that revolves around speech recognition and databases on the Android. When he gets done, I am going to buy him a few dinners and pick his brain.


d. Cochran,
I am interested in your application, but I need time to understand.
I 3rd that.
You are offering something I want, but I am not on your level of pc communication.
I am building a new bot that I want to have more communication and awareness, like you are doing.
Thank you for your work.
Steve S


@d.cochran , Thank you for taking the time to write this add on for ez builder , very cool. That's really a "dream" for my various robotic projects to communicate together dispute being separate units. The Android addition makes it even more valuable.


I have fixed the install process to handle adding Activities to the Activity table as a part of the install so going forward this isnt an issue for those that install EZ-AI..

If you have already installed EZ-AI prior to the date of this message, you have one of two options
Option 1.
You will need 2 files to run a patch to do this for you.

you will need to grab these two files and place them in the correct location.

PopulateActivityTable.BAT can be placed in the C:\EZ-AI directory

SetupActivityTable.SQL can be placed in the C:\EZ-AI\Install directory.

Once these two files are in place, start the PopulateActivityTable.BAT by double clicking on it. Your Activity table will be populated with the the values that are listed in Option 2.

Option 2
An alternative to doing this process is to manually make these entries using the EZ-AI interface.

Check Dates 1440 1 120
Timers 1440 10 120
News 1440 14 120
Weather 60 14 120
Traffic 60 16 120
Reminders 1440 1 120
Rhymes 10 0 6
Songs 5 1 120


This looks very cool and I hope the Android features come soon.
I want to use a smart phone for my robots brain.


Hi David, did something change? After I got your new updated EZ-AI.zip and installed when I run the ez builder it always asks to run the EZ-AI.exe file and continues to pop up to and asks to run. When I say ok it just continues to pop up.

I'm I doing something wrong or am I missing something?

Thank you.