Hardwarecon3 - Robots In San Francisco (feb 28-mar 1)


EZ-Robot Founder and CEO DJ Sures will be presenting at San Francisco HardwareCon3 - February 28th 2013!

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Hardware Start-ups coming to HardwareCon3 will leave more educate, more connected, more aware of the tools and technologies they need, and with direct feedback on how to improve their business - EZ-Robot discount tickets available here: https://hardwarecon2015.eventbrite.com/?discount=meetup15

If any EZ-Robot Community members live within the Bay Area and are planning on attending - we encourage you to bring robots! There will be a collection of hardware companies attending, and this would be a great opportunity for ezrobot to strut our stuff!

Here is a link to the event: http://www.hardwarecon.com