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Speaking Different Languages

Assistance Requested

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Is there a way to have the a different language spoken in a script? Right now if you put in a different language it says it in English or tries to. On other platforms if you put in the Google Language identifier, fr for French, de for german, it for Italian, before your text, it will speak the phrase in that language.

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I've been playing around with speech setting today to try and fix an issue I'm still having. While doing some research, I read somewhere that downloading an aditional text to speech engine can give you the option to change languages. I don't know if this is quite what your looking for but the link below might be of help. I figure changing the voice/language would work with a say() or a speech setting ControlCommand() script. Smile

Multilingual voices for windows


What platform has that? If I can see it would help understand their usage.


You can do it with My Robot Lab which has done a lot work with the InMoov project. It is Arduino based and a script was entered as ;


def speakgerman():
i01.mouth.setLanguage("de") # set to speak german
i01.mouth.speak("hallo ich bin der roboter InMoov")
i01.mouth.setLanguage("en") #set back to english


Ah, that makes more sense. So it doesn't prefix the phrase with a DE or EN. It adds it as a separate command parameter. I can look into something like that...


Any more thoughts on this?


It's on the list Smile


Funny, my inMoov does speak a little French.... Mind you he does it phonetically which is derived from using misspelled English words and of course with help from Sue... Grin


Thanks everyone.