@nomad, that isn't Anthony's choice, that is a kickstarter issue.

You can always get a prepaid Visa or Mastercard if you don't have credit.




If you don't hit your goal, you might want to re-try on Indiegogo. They fund whether you hit the goal or not, so you could at least have a small print farm if you only raise a percentage of the goal.



i didn say its anthony's fault.
we dont have prepaid visa or master card here in belgium.
i see this on many sites


@Thetechguru thanks i had them in mind. If it doesnt get funded, i going live on the website and ebay as well as my etsy.com shop which is up,but the prices are higher not to mess up kickstarter. i will be lowering them as soon as kickstarter is done.


Anthony, I admire your drive and determination. People like you are what makes strong nations and move technology and prosperity forward. Best of luck and keep on keeping on. Winky


@Dave s. Thanks that means alot.