Thanks d.cochran for your support! I greatly appreciate it.


What's the Height?


@ pj_Dtechy He stands at 30" tall!


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Will start saving and wait for LEXI, when available to the public, need a tall girl in my life Smile .


Good luck Anthony! I would think that you will easily make your $10,000 target.



Thanks Tony, I hope. Im looking forward making XLR-ONES and the opportunity to bring my robot vision to market.


Hey Anthony. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the video presentation and I wish you the best of luck with your kickstarter campaign. The XLR-ONE really is a great design and I'm sure you will
meet your target, with change to spare. Grin Grin


@Steve G Thank you and extend my thanks to K9 as well.


Hey anthony. I want the grippers for xlr option 2. i really like them can i please have your email adress so i can chat with you on email.