Hello all you EZ-Roboter's ,Anthony here with an important announcement!
XLR-ONE is now LIVE on kickstarter! Spread the word! We want to thank the community for all the support and guidance you all have given me throughout our journey to get to this place and time. Im very excited to have the XLR-ONE be the first on many custom EZ-Robot powered Robots. Thanks again for all your support!

XLR-ONE ROBOT Kickstarter

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Anthony i have watched the video and i really liked the grippers on xlr 1 how much would it cost for you to just 3 d print only the grippers


The set of 2 grippers would be $30 plus shipping.


How very exciting! Best of luck!


Congratulations Tony! Well done. Video looked good. I am going to Kickstarter now to check things out.


Thanks guys, fingers crossed!


Good Luck Tony !


Thanks Robot-doc


Wish you the best.
Steve s


It looks like you are 20% toward your goal in less than 24 hours. Looking good so far.