Xlr-one Finished Alive With Ez-robot Inside


Thank you to all of you guys! It's this community that gives me so much joy in doing this. I figure after the first run of kits( that are 3d printed ) Then with the popularity of the series "XLR" line featuring EZ-Robot Inside! possibilities of the molds will be the next step. As far as re-working the design for the molds not a problem at all.


So when is the first ones to hit the market? I so want one! :-)


May 2015 the first wave will be shipped( First orders from Kickstarter) then i figure with the larger print farm i can give a 3 week delivery from date of order. each kit takes 3 days to complete if straight printing with 2 makerbots. I figure with a starting farm of 10 printers and 2 xl (24" x24" x 18"Winky printers for the big pieces i can cut it down to 2 week delivery date.


Well the kickstarter has been submitted and I'm just awaiting approval for it to go live. Didn't know they my take up to 72 hrs to approve. I thought it was as soon as you submit your project and info. I didn't get to sleep until 7am! But I think it was well worth the loss of sleep. I will post the link as soon as I get the approval.


Great job, I just love the smooth head movement.


@cem thanks for the comment.

Here's the 3rd and final head for the XLR-ONE. It will have a matching body and hands. The 3 options are now completed. This chappi inspired theme will be set printed to ensure quality and function. The led eyes and moving ears make this one a nice edition.


Yeah anyone who likes the movie "Automata" will like the Chappi head. You should do a Johnny 5 and Evolver (1995 scifi movie) head.


I vote for Johnny 5.


@ PJ_Dtechy.. I have no limits! the Johnny five INSPIRED look would be easy and cool. Using the existing drive train i can easily add faux moving track system to the base and altar the arms and hands with the custom upper body. Could definitely be added down the road, But as a custom request for sure.


Still waiting for my kickstarter to finish its validation process. In the meantime heres my video.