Xlr-one Finished Alive With Ez-robot Inside


Hello all,

We are launching a new gaming console that combines board games, video games and interactive robots on Kickstarter July 7th.

Below, is a video showing the product:

Through ePawn’s technology, pawns become intelligent and interactive. Each pawn knows its position on the playing track and the position of all the other pieces in order to move and interact with them. Finally, each pawn can be controlled by a player or by artifical intelligence.

More information is available on the website ePawn Arena:

Feel free to share,
The ePawn Team



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yes i though something was not right.toolate.
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Hoping the Original XLR 1 get all the upgrades as the mini :-)

Also, very interested in your robotic arm, but can't seem to find it on your website any longer. You may need to consider next size up or two for some of the axis.

Anyways, great work and keep the items coming!


Im working on the arm to use steppers instead of servos. Im looking to release in mid September after the official launch of the Mini and add-ons.


@ant, why stepper motors? What's your thoughts on the change?


@DaveS precision and torque.


Excellent idea to use stepper motors on the new robotic arm, at least for the first couple of axis. Then you could use gear/reduction for the other axis. Servocity has done this before and there kit is on the RobotShop website.
ServoCity Robot Arm

That is a very powerful arm, you could also use your creative mind to make covers for that arm which would make it look better, and then add your servos/clip at the end of that robot to give it more DOF.