Xlr-one Finished Alive With Ez-robot Inside


It's a work of art Anthony. You have become a 3D printing wizard. Can't wait to see what you might come up with next.
How is your work shop coming along? Sounds like business is booming. Time to hire some help yet? Smile


Ok well the XLR-ONE's are selling well and im now going to be adding a mini version running off micro servos and the v4. The Mini-XLR-ONE is 40% smaller than its original size. This will be a good addition for those who want a more table top sized robot. It will be an exact duplicate of the XLR-ONE down to the drive train and servo flo-joint system. Also im posting some shots of the XLR-ONE v2 which are shipping out tomorrow. You can see the the v2 head and the stronger built claw system. I removed the 3d printed posts which the gears spun on with machined screws. Also the claws are printed now with abs ans are 30% infill for strength. Below you can the assembled XLR-ONE v2 with all the upgrades.

Here are the size comparisons of the 100% VS THE 60% size.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Here is the Completed V2 XLR-ONE.
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Here are the shots of the bots being prepped for shipping.

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Excellent work, and can't wait till we receive our custom one. Anthony, check out this post as you probably could implement with your setup:

Miniature robot hand


Video Update- XLR-ONE MIni


Any updates on the Robotic arm? For Robot Arm, maybe for the main servos, you could use the HS785HB Quarter scale servos or even then HS805BB. This would help make the robot base more stable. Also how many DOF are you planning for it to have?

Nice to see the Mini version come out. Hope your business is growing...


XLR-ONE Blue Edition ready to ship out. This is the kit without hardware.

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Ok just finished the XLR-ONE MIni parts. Made it as small as possible without loosing the detail or look. Here is the final comparison of the mini vs the regular. Im printing it out now while i have one printer available to use. I will be posting the pics and video soon.
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Gotta say this is one great robot. I was looking at the scaled down version with some interest. In that regard, I was wondering, would it be possible to scale the 3 finger manipulator down to JD size? And get a servo in it, of course. I would like to use 3 finger units on my JD. Actually I really want a hand, but 3 finger grippers would be good compromise for now.


@wbs00001. Yes I can scale any part to work with JD. The 3 finger claw for ajD would use 1 micro servo.


Exxxxxcellent! Thanks for the response. I know you're really busy now. When you have some time to do something like that I would appreciate it if you could print out a pair. I understand that this would cost significantly more than the ones for your current robots due to their "one off" nature. I'll figure out how to attach them to JD. This, of course, is assuming you would even be interested in doing something like that. If not, I fully understand.