Xlr-one Finished Alive With Ez-robot Inside


Whoa, kickstarter! I'm excited for you Smile


Ps, we would help anthony out Smile

Anyone who has a salable product with preorders, we would not hesitate to help throw it in out manufacturing facility. I mean, we have learned a lot and are kinda good at it now Smile be silly to try alone!


Wow, DJ, that is an amazing offer.



Well there you go... Can't beat that offer.... All you have to do is sell then now @Anthony... Smile


D.J you are such a great guy! I wanted to ask you but was afraid you guys were too busy. As you have seen, I am promoting the EZ-Robot V4 and EZ-Builder all over the XLR-ONE as the Preferred Controller for optimal performance and enjoyment. I must say this, many know D.J mostly from the site and posts, but when you meet him in person, as i was so lucky and honored to do back last January. He was such a down to earth guy, and such an inspiration. Im actually finishing up the break downs for the kickstarter as far as the pledge pricing. I am going to have 3 tiers.

Standard- Basic XLR-ONE kit which is 3D printed in Hi-Res( the prototype was done in standard low fill for speed.) print at 50% fill for strength. The option of 3 head designs and 3 claw designs as well as 3 upper-body styles to choose. $499.99*

* controller,battery and servos sold separately.

Deluxe- Completed XLR-ONE again with choice of Head, Claws, Upper Body, All servos, EZ-B v4, EZ-B Camera and Servos. Plus Customized EZ-Builder App Skins for the controller app. $999.99

VIP- Completed XLR-ONE again with choice of Head, Claws, Upper Body, All servos, EZ-B v4, EZ-B Camera and HD Servos. Plus 2 sets Customized EZ-Builder App Skins for the controller app, The XLR-MCU contoller( designed to fit 7-8.4" Tablets *) and first in line with a 15% off certificate for the XLR ROV-R. $1499.99
* Tablet sold separately.

If the kickstarter exceeds my funding request which is a low $10,000 which is to get more printers and PLA and hardware to complete orders at a ship date of May 2015. I will be looking into a partner and move forward to getting the injection molds started. Im really proud of this bot. Since it is the version 1.0 by the time its ready to print and fill orders V3.0 will be the final product shipping. Higher quality, Stronger parts and Refined "XLR-Joint Technology" This bot has taught me alot just by wiring him up last night. I have 5 pages of upgrade notes to make the production models nearly perfect( we know as builders it's never going to just the way we want it, theres always new ideas).


I assume you would want these injection molded - that's where your cost will be in manufacturing. So we will need to see what your sales look like to help you afford the manufacturing. M

Essentially, anyone who wants to create a product with EZRobot hardware - we would help manufacturer. We would need to discuss privately the business model, number of preorders etc to make it feasible. But it wouldn't be too difficult.


Make sure you post the kickstarter url etc. when it's up. I can't personally afford to pledge (I would but car service plus 4 new tyres is about to set me back around £1500!) but I'll gladly give it some promotion where I can.

And as always, and I am sure you already know this but if you need any help with the project files, scripts etc. just ask and I'll happily help you out.


That might be one of the greatest features with your platform is the openness of the community developing additional apps


If you want him to serve wine... I can hook you up with a script.... Winky


Actually when Anthony made the designs they were specifically engineered with 3d printing as the intended manufactoring method. To be be injection molded many of the pieces that currently use infill will need to be split into two halves or more to make them hollow and more suitable for injection molding. I have no doubt that the pieces can be "reworked" so they are injection mold friendly.

It is truly fantastic that there is so much positive feedback about the project , it of course is mostly Anthony's work! , I only help here and there to work the kinks out. I'm proud of you man ! "Applause" !