My Inmoov Bartender


@Richard R When I saw that video it I watched it but didn't take it all in. You have an amazing amount of work in that. I do not remember when but it seems that not long ago you were looking to buy a 3D printer. Maybe my sense of time is off but you seem to have just made that inMoov appear over night. I am highly impressed. Where is the build at now?

BTW, while I was with the team we used to watch the Delta boys out cuss a drunken sailor on shore leave in Tijuana


@Pacowang.... Thanks Dude!.... My inmoov is pretty much completed... However, I need to get back to do some more programming.... I am looking at d.cochran's IA for down the road...

I started last Nov (early)... I am semi retired so I had the time to spend on the project and being winter here there isn't much else to do but build robots... LOL... Anyway, I also was able to buy 2 printers so that sped things up as well....

I am actually now building a hybrid inmoov with a healthy dose of "Doombot" in his design.... When it progress and if I am happy with it I'll post some pictures of the build here...



This one may be able to make more different drinks, but yours has more personality.



@Alan... sure, upstaged by a glorified toaster.... sheeesh! Tongue

My inMoov 2 will kick it's butt... Grin


Lol, "Beam me up Budwiser" (or should that be Coors) Tongue I think Andrews job is safe.



I saw this and thought of you (or rather Andrew). It's a bit out of your way, but Andrew would be sure to snap up the top prize no question...

Cocktail robotics grand challenge.


Sorry Steve... Been wrapped up trying to get David's AI installed and working....


Cool. No worries. How's it going?


It's an all day thing LOL... I have it installed but haven't had much time to check it out.... I will finish watching the video examples tomorrow and let you know...