I have one important question on this which I just thought of...

Has she stopped calling it your robot and started calling it our robot yet?.. Smile


@Rich... As long as he can do chores she (Sue) considers him hers.... Wait until she finds out he's a big slob like me... I am sure I will be ordered to take him down to the basement again.... Tongue


Does anyone's significant other call it "our" robot ? I think not !


Mine called LeXI the Other Woman because at times i spent more time with her than my wife.


I have the same issue with robots that I had with home automation. Low WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). She just doesn't understand why I spend money on it, but at least when it doesn't work it doesn't affect her unike when the lights would decide to turn on or off at the wrong time, so she is more patient with it.





Hi Richard, your Inmoov Bartender is FANTASTIC! This is the first time I watched a video of Inmoov. My conclusion: I wish it was my Inmoov Bartender : )


@ivanhoe .... Thanks! Unfortunately he doesn't wash dishes or short order cook.... He complains about the stove melting body parts or something.... Tongue


Woah! Your robotic bartender is really fascinating and is not something you see everday. Being that it was in autonomous mode, I am even more impressed with how it reacts and is so polite.


@FreakScout12 Thanks!... Well to be honest he is only polite to Sue... With me he swears like a drunken sailor.... Tongue