@Richard R, WOW ! I'm blown away! Your InMoov is great, the movements, the mobility and the scripting - all fantastic! I have seen two other InMoovs on a mobile base but neither move as smooth as yours,
Once again, fantastic build! It's inspiring,


Tongue Move over Tom Cruse (Cocktail), here comes Andrew. Tongue

Seriously though Richard, a really really great job done well. He moves around so smoothly and the mouth sync works great. I've seen the other Inmoov's around which are fantastic, but I like the fact that you have him mobile. And the fact that he was totally autonomous in the video just shows that there are so many possibilities with this guy. Hope to see more of him.

FYI, the video is great so have no worries there, but as a thank you for the help you have given me, if you want any video editing done, I would be more than happy to do some for you if you wish. Winky

Once again, great job dude. I'm really impressed. Thanks for sharing. Grin


@Steve G.... Thanks buddy.... Next time I do a video I will take you up on your offer.... So all I need to do I just send you the raw video?


Hey no worries. Yeah, just the raw stuff wheather it be in multiple clips or just one peace of footage. Smile


Richard R., that is kick ass dude! Question - do you think that the new Create(2) could be used as a mobile base for your inmoov?


Hey @Doc.... Thanks man.... I don't think so... The bot himself (without a mobile base) is around 22lbs give or take a few... I think it may be too heavy for the create.... One of the biggest issues is not so much the weight, but the high centre of gravity... Especially when his arms are extended...

By the way, I still haven't got my Create 2 yet... *stress*


Richard R,
How cool is that! The mobility really adds to your robot.
The interaction was awesome and your hard work really shows. You make everything look easy.
I am a little bit jealous that you have your own bartender.
I know what I would be building if I had a 3D printer!
Just starting my new mobile small humanoid non printed project, but will have much less degrees of freedom movement than Andrew.
Thank you for sharing,
Steve S


Hey @Steve... Yes, I did put a lot of work in to my inMoov. However it would not have been possible without the ez robot community (as a collective)... Let me explain... I came to ez robot about a year and a half ago... I knew a fair bit about programming simple controllers as most of my projects up until then were using a Basic Micro AtomPro controller... The Basic Atom is fine, but it is no EZB4 by any means... My inMoov project could have been done using a couple of arduinos and like they say, the hard way... It would have been twice the work with half of the results...
I am going to try not to be too mellow dramatic here... However, to me what I was able to do in the video couldn't be done without not only the ezb4 but the ez robot community.... I learned a little bit from everyone here, so the bot is not entirely mine really....

I leaned from (in no particular order)
@Rich.... Logical, tight coding, too many script example to count
@Alan... Network, routers getting better wifi coverage for my ezb
@Robot Doc... Roomba hardware and the ROI for it
@d.cochran... More network stuff, and some more coding techniques
@Luis Vazquez .... Man can he write arduino and ezb code
@b.Houston... Building techniques for the inMoov
@Steve G... That guy never gave up, now he is hooked... LOL
@DJ ... taught me to stop complaining, you'll get your stuff... Tongue Ok, and the small tiny little contribution by creating an ezb4 and ez builder Grin
@Steve S... Maybe I need to lean to shut my mouth more... LOL
@nomad... I learned what not to do... Grin... You are fast improving, though dude.... Smile
@too many more to count...

See @Steve, you can't leave... we all learn from the collective here... The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.....


Richard, I think this has been discussed before in the forum, about 'Win 7' female 'Anna' voice, and not being able to change it? But where did you get InMoov male voice from?

Again fantastic work, I've watched the video again at home now, and could turn up the volume to hear it better! The voice is great!



@cem... @Rich gave me the link a while back.... I bought the voice from Cereproc