great to hear it was a sucses.


That is great the feedback was positive at the school open house.
I look forward to the A.I. app you are working on, especially if can be simple to install and use.
I attempted a program in Basic about 16 yrs ago that remembered the last time it interacted w someone, and different items about them, but nothing like what you are doing.
It will be great to use Justins EZ Face along with A.I. together eventually.
Thank you sharing your cool work.
Steve S


Thanks for the kind words Steve. I am trying to put a video out that shows the completed Teddy and the EZ-AI application as it stands now. It is going to be a long video so I am looking at ways to publish it. Just recorded it today, so its hot off the press.

If successful through youtube, it will be published to http://youtu.be/ODrbxVD9BdE

It looks like it will take a couple of hours to upload and process before I know if it was successful or not.


This is a long video showing Teddy and EZ-AI at this point. Grab some popcorn and a soda if your gonna watch it. Teddy is what I use to test EZ-AI right now. Please let me know if there are any other things that you can think of like what is in the video so that I can try to add them.

My time and energy is going to go into combining EZ-AI, EZ-DBMulti, rssGetter and maybe EZ-POP into one application. EZ-POP will be the last to be added. I will then focus on a good installer for the EZ-AI. Right now, these components are downloadable from CochranRobotics.com. I personally would advise waiting to download these until I have a chance to combine them into one application. If you feel adventurous, dive in and get them. EZ-AI was just placed on the site for download. There are STEP BY STEP instructions on getting this installed and configured to run in your environment. Also, the project is available here

As far as my coding style in the project, I try to have a script do one thing and one thing only. This allows me to debug the scripts easier, but also makes for a lot of scripts. If you want to combine some of them, feel free to. It may make it easier for you if you are not used to jumping all over when trying to follow what is happening in a script. You also will need EZ-DBMulti which doesn't have great instructions at the moment.


Hi David, you have written a very nice project. Very nice talent you have! Over my head *confused* but with your new EZ-AI and watching your video I have gotten everything setup except AVM navigator. I can not seem to find the software or plugin.

I have installed your EZ-AI and I think I have it setup correctly, but I need AVM Navigator and can't seem to find it, to follow your video setting up roborealm, do you mind helping out?

I plan to use the two USB cameras as you suggested. One for Roborealm and one for my robot since I have one camera in each eye.

Thank you!


AVM Navigator is on the RoboRealm site


Glad it's running. Let me know if you have any issues. I'll do what I can to help you use EZ-AI.

Also, I would love to see a video of it with one of your inmoovs.

You will want to setup information. In the EZ-AI tables. Specifically, you will need to setup users, userinfo , family and the familyTree. Also, you will need to add some Activities. I will build a batch file for you to run to populate the activity table. I will do it tomorrow morning.


I have fixed the install process to handle adding Activities to the Activity table as a part of the install so going forward this isnt an issue for those that install EZ-AI..

If you have already installed EZ-AI prior to the date of this message, you have one of two options
Option 1. You will need 2 files to run a patch to do this for you.

you will need to grab these two files and place them in the correct location.

PopulateActivityTable.BAT can be placed in the C:\EZ-AI directory

SetupActivityTable.SQL can be placed in the C:\EZ-AI\Install directory.

Once these two files are in place, start the PopulateActivityTable.BAT by double clicking on it. Your Activity table will be populated with the the values that are listed in Option 2.

Option 2
An alternative to doing this process is to manually make these entries using the EZ-AI interface.

Check Dates 1440 1 120
Timers 1440 10 120
News 1440 14 120
Weather 60 14 120
Traffic 60 16 120
Reminders 1440 1 120
Rhymes 10 0 6
Songs 5 1 120


In the future, it would be best to use
the EZ-AI thread for questions about EZ-AI.


@d.cochran Thank you so much for sharing such detailed instructions. I too am working on a Teddy Ruxpin and am planning on following your instructions from the beginning so I can use the same settings, etc.


If you are going to use EZ-AI, I would be happy to help you out. It is a lengthy install. It has also come a long way since these posts.