David, this is absolutely brilliant work! I never knew that RoboRealm had face recognition?



Tony, Thank you for the kind words. You do have to have the AVM Navigator Module ($9.00 US) to be able to do the object recognition. It really doesn't care if it is an object or a face so the same module can be used for all recognition.

Anyway, I hope this helps some others. It is worth documenting IMHO.


Hey David... I have a trial version of Roborealm installed and I watched your video on capturing the camera feed from ez builder. I have everything set up as per your video but I can't get the ezb camera to display... The only camera that displays is the one on my pc? How do substitute the pc camera and show the ezb camera in it's place...?



1. Setup the Custom HTTP Server in EZ-Robot (define the port to use to 8010 in this example)
2. Start the custom http server by clicking the Start button (can be scripted)

1. In roborealm type HTTP in the Search window at the top left of the screen.
2. Double click the Read_HTTP list that is dropped down.
3. In the dialog box that pops up, type in
4. Click Start

That should get your feed going.


once all of that is done, try closing it and reopening RoboRealm if you still cant see it.


Duh... I had the wrong control... Working now.... I had HTTP instead of Read_HTTP... Ok, now so far so good. I can now continue with your video...



Im adding another video that shows the Teddy doing things based on the age of the recognized user. All of this is now database driven which allows me to then log what has happen with a robot for a user to the database. The robot can be shut off and the computer rebooted or whatever, but the activity log stays. These tables and stored procs pass the next activity that the robot is to perform for a user to EZ-Builder. Once the task is completed in EZ-Builder, the activity is logged in the database. Activities are repeated for a user based on a time allowance in the Activity table. For example, I won't hear the news again today, but the weather I could hear every hour, or however you want to configure the Activities in the tables.

Anyway, check out the video. I am pretty wiped out today and just want to veg the rest of the evening.

When time permits, I will change EZ-DB Multi to return multiple values at one time instead of making multiple passes at the database. That is the next modification I want to make, but Arrays scare me Smile Just kidding. Its just a bit of a rewrite.



cant see the video.


Yep, about 4 more minutes. Youtube is processing it.


Its up now.