Thank You Ez Robot, But Signing Off For Now


Thank you EZ Robot Community,
I found EZ Robot in 2012, and I love it.
I have built many EZ Robots, and taught my grandson with EZ Robot.
Thank you to everyone that has helped me.
I have had a lot of great experience here, but I think it is time to sign off for now.
I agree with others that have determined it is time to do the same.
Things have been rough for many members who expressed their opinions, and got blasted because they did not think the same as others.
I think this forum has been brutal to others!
I will keep building my robots and try to achieve my ideas and dreams.
Thank you to everyone that has helped me.
Steve S


@Steve S I understand your frustration, but Brutal might be too harsh. I admit members can be quite direct. But thats whats drive us to be better. I welcome the honesty, think about it. If members praised every robot on this forum, and never gave an honest opinion, then all they are doing is blowing smoke up our ezb. Critiquing ones work is what we are needing. We all make mistakes and its good that the members take the time to point it out and help with a solution. I have had alot of critiquing which made me a better designer and robot builder. I think you should stay.


Sorry to see you go from the forum - I'm unaware of a situation that caused you to feel unsettled. What can I do to help?


Hate to see you go.
I do agree that sometimes the forums here can get a little brutal.
In the past I myself was a little short with a member that no longer comes in, and it's something I regret to this day.

If I don't have anything nice to say then I just don't say anything at all!


@Steve sorry to see you go. However, I too am unaware of anything that's been brutal. Yes, there are discussions and differences in opinions (we are human, that wont change) but none have been "brutal" that I've seen. I guess it would depend on how you read something though since it is possible to read something out of context or in a manner that it was not meant.

We don't like to see people go from here. Express your concerns and we can look in to it and help or explain. I don't believe any member of the community is purposely being disruptive, disrespectful or brutal.


steve S

i didn see this comming. *eek*
does this mean i cant see video's off your blue robot famely.
i would hate that.hope you feel better soon.


@Steve S.

I haven't been here as long as most, and we have not spoken to each other very much, but I wanted to say that I will miss having you around too. I have followed your robot projects with great interest and have really enjoyed following your work. I know from what I have seen that sometimes the forums can, at times, be a little harsh, but for the most part is also a great place to be and my experience so far have been mostly really good, and that's in part thanks to many good people on here like yourself.

So, if you sleep on it and you still decide to bow out for now, then I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the help and kind words you have offered me in the past, and I truly do hope your dreams and ideas become reality my friend, and hope you pop back sometime. Keep the faith. Smile

Steve G.


What happened Steve?
Who disrespected you?
That's so sad...
It was not a misunderstanding ?


Ok, what just happened? Why would you leave Steve?... To knowledge no one was dissing you..... Like @Rich said... could it just be a misunderstanding or something taken out of context?

The internet can be like a school yard sometimes.... You really need to ignore a lot of it.... Just dismiss it as white noise so to speak...


Steve S. This forum is full of folks with a lot of talent and imagination. I suspect that some respond to questions and while trying to answer them they may forget a kind way to get their point across. I don't believe that there are any individuals that post on the forum that have any negative comments directed to anyone. Sometimes words may be used to stress a thought or point but are not meant to hurt anyone's feelings and are not expressed in anger.