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Online eBay seller breaks.down need a second motorized are for.a.few.dollars? No problem , need a.replacement dome for your Omnibot? @bret lol. I'm getting one myself. Need a.replacement motor? Yup they got.them Smile if you need somthing I can ask about it as he's already getting me parts quotes. Thanks guys. Just trying to make this community everything it should be ! ;D. Dj can't do it himself. I have a Dream! Ask not what your robot can do for you , but what you can do to your robot ! (american humor Smile


Nice! Yes, find out what a dome would cost. Thanks!


He said 30 bucks for a new dome man.


I had ordered orange eyes for my Omnibot 2000 just recently. Been looking for these things for a real long time. Dont have any clue why my Omnibot once came without them.
Anyway, once I have them I will post it, but for right now I can recommend the site, lets just hope there will be more spares to come.
Regards from Germany!


I had a pair I would have gave you man..... Ask first lol.


Mike ill check on those gears you wanted and I will definitely sell the main board. What is the from? Or was that.the ebay.guy?


Opps- yeah, should have asked you but found spares for an Omnibot remote and a spare part for the regular Omnibot arm so in the end it was well worth it - finally able to fix up these things.

I bought it off - same seller like the one on ebay.


I wanted to get a dome from him..... I wonder if he will take trades.....hmm


no we don't take trades unless it's a working bot (or a Tobor with a crew cut)

but you can sign up and buy and sell, just be patient, we have 1000's of bots and parts to list


Hey Jstarne1, I inherited a broken omnibot 2000 recently that needs a replacement tray, and has a broken arm and missing the gears and motors, as well as the grey cover over them (not sure if that's needed). Do you know where I can find these parts?