Woot Parrot Ar 2.0 Drone Factory Refurbished


Woot Parrot AR 2.0 drone factory refurbished.
Thought I would give it a try.
I live in a rural area and this might be fun. Not sure of the range or flight time.
Sounds like it might work with EZ Builder, that is an added plus.
If anyone has done a project, would like to share information, and tips, let me know.
Steve S


The maiden flight of my Parrot AR Drone 2.0 was inside because of weather.
How cool is EZ Robot to offer a PC controlled option?

Thank You,
Steve S


@Steve... Ok, now I want to buy one... thanks Steve Smile


@Steve... does the camera work in ez builder?


Richard R,
Yes, the front HD camera worked great with EZ Builder.
I have not tried the standard def belly camera yet.
Connects easy like JD.
Thank You DJ,
Steve S Winky


Grandkids wanted to see the drone fly outside, but there is a good reason not to fly on windy days!
Steve S Winky


Looking for any tips flying AR Drone 2.0 w EZ Builder.
I can fly my drone w/EZ Builder, but looking for any tips from someone with experience, to improve my flying.
This video was recorded from the drone controlled w/IOS. My phone is a 4s model.
I have had so much fun with this low priced drone at home and the campground.
I just ordered a Turnigy upgrade battery to increase flying time.




Thank you shinobuzan,
The drone is very versatile and so much fun flying!
I am surprised there are no responses from EZ Builder flyers.
My best flying experience was with the IOS app AR.Free Flight.
The windows 8 app was ok, but not like IOS.
I can use EZ Builder voice commands, which are so cool, but want tips how to fly better. Maybe I need some adjustments?
I enjoy the commands to take off, and land.
Are there any aeronautical robotic builders?
Flying robots are the future!


I have been waiting for DJ to add support of the GPS module (he said he was ordering one) to see what I can do . Right now, other than following a colored object, I don't see a lot of benefit to using EZ-Builder with my AR Drone. I use a program called qgroundcontrol to program autonomous flight paths using hte GPS module (it is quirky and poorly documented and the newest release doesn't work at all though....).

I really want a "follow-me" function that will use the GPS module along with my phone's GPS to make the drone stay within a certain distance and facing the same direction I am traveling to have it follow me on my mountain bike (in fields obviously. Trying that in the woods would be a disaster). Drones by 3DR can do this, but no one has written software for the AR Drone that I have found yet.

As far as Robotics, I would like to make a robotic platform that can carry the drone, and then when it wants to get a close-up picture, would launch the drone and get close, then have the drone return. The limited battery life then becomes an issue though (I am thinking a neighborhood watch bot. It would drive up and down my street, and then if I see something I want to get a better look at like a car license plate, or suspicious activity, I launch the drone to get a close look).

So, lots of ideas, but nothing implemented yet.