Hmmmm This Looks Alot Like Jd. Someone Using Jd On Indeegogo


Was looking at the crowd funding sites to get ideas for my kickstarter video with the XLR-ONE. I came across this MIA robot on Indeegogo. They are passing off JD as a Small version of the MIA robot.

Mia Robot

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Sounds a bit "optimistic"
How much did it cost Ez-Robot for each individual mold required in the prodiction of the Revolution Robot components? $50,000?


EZ-Robot spent over $1,000,000 in R&D on the Revolution robots. I think it may even have been closer to the $2,000,000 mark (I'll have to re-watch the video where DJ mentioned it to be sure of that though).


Ez-Robot designed everything from the ground up. Revolution is completely theirs... My guess is Mia is using a lot of existing technology and slapping some fancy plastics on it... I wouldn't be surprised (since they have JD pictured) if they are using ez robot software and the ezb as part of their setup....

However when you look at the claims made it all seems kind of ridiculous...
•Sweeping the floor
•Putting prepared meals in the microwave at specific times.
•Turn on lights when it's getting dark, turn them off when it's light.
•Pick up toys and put them back in their place.
•Using a vacuum cleaner the way you teach her.
•Set the table the way you teach her.
•Making microwave popcorn.
•Bringing you and your guests drinks
•Making the coffee.
•Sorting the laundry.
•Carry the laundry basket.
•Help bring in the groceries.

$250,000 to produce 90 units?.... Hmmm, good luck I guess


just another Kickstarter Scam. imo


He's going to replace JD's EZ-B with a Arduino mega. He does realize he will lose the ability to use the camera and led matrix, right?

Also; I really don't believe anything will come out of this project, since there's literally no way for him to build a robot with those abilities for 2000 dollars. I'd like to believe that maybe he would be trying to make this a reality, but its obviously a scam. I feel bad for the backers.