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Ez-builder Microcontroller And Blue Tooth

Assistance Requested

Help Ellis with their question and receive $10 of EZ-Credit to get more robots and parts from our store. The following information was provided about their previous efforts searching tutorials for a resolution.

Ellis claims to have checked these sources:

Instead of using the EZB Soundboard control how about installing the PC Sound Board in EZ Builder instead. You find both controls under the Audio section of Add Controls in EZ Builder. You can then use that control to play your sound files through the PC. You then configure Windows to use the Bluetooth as your PC speaker and that adjustment will send audio to your BT Speakers. I've done it like this and it works nicely. Winky


Actually Dave brings up a good point. Using the "PC Soundboard" option in EZ-Builder can play all your audio stored on your PC through the EZ-B, and use the Say() script command instead of SayEZB() for speech synthesis.

The reason why I hesitated to mention this though is because one draw back is, if you want to connect another Bluetooth device to your robots B/T speaker such as the iPhone that Ellis mentioned at the same time, you would have to keep manually swapping the connection when that device is used. A lot of Bluetooth speakers can only handle one device being connected to it at any one time, although there are some that can handle multiple devices too.


I am already useing the pc sound card and Bluetoothing it to my robot. My original post was to find a way to wifi this signal to the robot then Bluetooth the audio to the Bluetooth speaker. Since then I think I have found an answer with a wifi/Bluetooth device. I have been thinking about turning everything to text then have the pc speak the text. This would make the one single voice work.


Ya @Ellis, after re reading your first thread I see that I misunderstood your original question. Sorry for stating a different solution then you were looking for and confusing the thread. I'm looking forward to see how your text to speech test goes. Please keep us posted.

I'll back out now and do other more productive things. Winky



It sounds like a possible way to go. What sort of WiFi/Bluetooth are you thinking of using?


Sorry. I pressed send before I finished writing. *eyeroll*

What I was going to say was you may run in to issues connecting the WiFi/Bluetooth device you mentioned and your iPhone to your B/T speaker at the same time like I mentioned in post#22, as you may need to keep swapping device connections. Check the specs on the WiFi/BT device to see if it can handle multiple devices connecting simultaneously. Otherwise this may not be the fix your looking for.

If you did decide to use the breakout mod, it does away with the need to use a third device, so less peace of hardware, and one less device to charge/charge batteries on. Something to think about. Winky


Thanks everyone. Steve helped a lot.

I will keep everyone informed how the system turns out.



Yeah please do. I'd like to find out what solution you end up using, and how well it works for you.

And, your welcome. Glad I could help.